The WEVO Story

an excerpt from the book, "High Vibn Thrivn Tribe" by Brett Labit

The world is evolving so fast as technology has created digital connectivity and communication at the speed of thought. History shows us that it will continue to evolve and increase velocity over time. Some of this evolution is incredibly positive and some of it is leaving a void and an opportunity for humanity to remember what is important and preserve it, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Why and how did I discover High Vibn Thrivn Tribes?

Without going into too much detail, I was unhappy and I wanted to be happy. I perceived I was not successful and I wanted to be successful. I was tired of stress and worry and I desired peace. My relationships were mediocre at best and I desired for them to be better. Most of all, the one thing that triggered me more than anything was the division and lack of unity present in all types of relation that kept people from the positive experience of belonging, togetherness, community and tribe, including me.

“In my own pain and chaos, I almost missed my defining moment”

A decision gets made when we are experiencing struggle, pain, chaos, etc.. We either give into the failure rhythm and perpetuate the downward or stagnant cycle, or embrace the success rhythm, pick ourselves up, live, learn and grow. I was in a rhythm of failure and my pain and chaos was providing supporting data to validate the victim of life that I had become. I was bitter, cynical, and critical and had lost faith and belief in almost everything, but most of all, I had lost all but a small shred of faith in myself.

I had spent years and thousands of dollars on “so called” awareness through books, audios, seminars, parents, teachers and preachers and found myself full of knowledge and no results to validate the quality of the knowledge. I could no longer tell the difference between fact, truth, opinion or otherwise. I almost felt crazy not knowing what to base my decisions on because I had no base for accurate thought. I was not an independent thinker. I was a product of common thought and my common results created a disconnect from my uncommon dreams. My experience did however confirm one belief that remains today…

“Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick and it is impossible to have hope without some version of a plan.”

I remember the day like it was yesterday, even though it was 2010. I had to choose between the failure rhythm or the success rhythm, but I wasn’t sure what the success rhythm was. I just knew that I was not willing to go on in the same way I had been. All my life, so many around me considered me to be a leader, brilliant, smart, etc., but I felt inside that “if I was so damn good, why did I end up here?”. When all your beliefs do not produce the outcomes you desire, you must either change the beliefs or change the desires. This was the defining moment and I almost missed it, or at least I thought I almost missed it. Would I give up my desires or quit holding so tightly to common thought?

The Formula for change

Obviously, you already know the answer. I decided to discover, learn and apply the success rhythm to achieve my dreams. This time however, I took much less input from others and became the observer of my own life, the lives of others and the planet. I became the student of the greatest teacher, cause and effect, the gift of whatever divinity you embrace. I knew that I needed something new. I knew that I needed to evolve, so I built a formula to change my rhythm by observing cause and effect and I discovered High Vibn Thrivn Tribe

“Introspection, discovery, self-honesty, willingness to change, mastermind, accurate thought, decision, will, habit, new hypnotic rhythm, positive change.”

I began questioning so much of what I already knew. I would take a principle that I had learned, and I would question it from every angle. This was a difficult process because many principles I had learned from people that I love. I became an expert at recognizing common thought and it’s counterpart, uncommon thought. I discovered why so many people were led astray to create common results that are perpetuating a common trajectory. I learned that if we want to change it, we must fully explore the uncomfortable process of going against the failure rhythm to create change.


The problem with being deceived is that we do not know that we are deceived. It is like being asleep and dreaming, but not knowing you are asleep. Its time for awakening. I realized very clearly that the discomfort of change to create success would be a far better price to pay than the seemingly comfortable price of failure.

“It is not what we don’t know that is keeping us from success, it is often what we already know. New knowledge is available if we can open our mind, overcome hypnotic rhythm to receive it, know it and apply it.”

Self-discovery and the awakening to High Vibn Thrivn Tribe

It was 2010 and I had made the resolute decision, to not lay down and die in my failure rhythm, and to discover the success rhythm and change my life forever. This became a constant process of awakening and awareness to what is important, who I am, what I desire, why I do what I do, what I do, who I am becoming, how I will do it, who you are, and whom I will do it for and with.

I had to observe many factors, past, present and future. What social issues do we face? What economic issues do we face? What is the condition of the marketplace? What role will technology play in this new success formula. What role will human connection play? How important is leadership? How important is culture and language? How important is personal excellence, mastermind and collaboration? How important is humility, accountability and responsibility as an individual?

I was sitting and contemplating all the above when it hit me…

“If people will come together with a desire and a commitment to certain agreements, despite personal politics, opinions and religion, to recognize that the parts are of a whole and the whole is made up of the parts, and whatever I do to you, I do to myself, we could solve all social, economic and marketplace challenges.”

Then I quickly questioned myself. How would this be different than any other wonderful teaching by a guru or spiritual leader? Then the next answer came….

“The concept must be more than information. It must have a model and a plan for action that appeals to the self-interest of each individual, as well as the collective.”

Okay, I can see that but how in the world will I, first create the model and then secondly get people to follow? Then the next answer came in the form of Gandhi : )…

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This one did NOT sit well with the old me and my lower self. My failure rhythm wanted to continue to place responsibility on others and avoid the deep work, commitment and discomfort of Authentic Leadership. As much as Gandhi’s wisdom may sound good to you consciously, you may also experience the resistance ever so subtly and subconsciously to take personal responsibility, and you will need to overcome it with courage and awareness. High Vibn Thrivn Tribe and the key to all our dreams, begins with personal awareness.

At this point, it felt as if I was in a dialogue with someone else. Someone of great wisdom and accuracy. I can’t begin to tell you with all knowingness who or what that someone was, is or will be for you or even for me. All I can tell you is that I felt as if I was in a dialogue with someone else and for universal acceptance, I will just call it my other self for right now. I decided to ask what it might look like for me to embrace the wisdom of Gandhi and my other-self answered in different words that later evolved to this...

“You will need to see things from 3 different views. Your view, the view of others and my view. They are typically different but when they all align, they generate an unstoppable power.” When you learn to generate this power and start creating the desired outcomes in your life, others will lead themselves well to create their own power. Groups will form and in the groups, leaders will rise and each part will be important to the whole. This group of leaders will align effort and energy out of their own self-interest, but will eventually become mindful of the self-interest of others, contributing to them and the whole. There are 8 principles that outline the action necessary to generate this power. These are the 8.”

I want to add in that it wasn’t until much later that I could even begin to acknowledge that this conversation occurred with anything other than my intellectual brain. I bounced back and forth in the question as to why I felt I was having a conversation with myself. The source of the information is not near as important in this context as the gift and accuracy of the information so please just take the information for what it is, a call to action for better life, better business and a better world.

At the same time, I must give the credit where it is due. I feel that the above conversation, information, dialogue or whatever you want to call it, was somehow divinely inspired and I am grateful for the answers it has given me and others.   

The 8 WEVO DNA of High Vibn Thrivn Tribe

 “The first 4 are inner-actions and the latter 4 are interactions. All 8 working together are the keys to unlocking your creative power and building High Vibn Thrivn Tribe.”

This is an excerpt from the book, "High Vibn Thrivn Tribe", by Brett Labit. Brett is the founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of WEVO Global, inc.. You can order the book and read the full story by clicking here.